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That's why working with a specialist is worthwhile, to optimise your longterm success and achieve the maximum health and weight loss benefits.

The medication also needs to be prescribed after a medical assessment to ensure that the drugs are suitable and safe for you.

For that reason I only prescribe weight loss medication alongside my science-based weight loss programme or following a comprehensive medical consultation with me.


Frustratingly, this new medication is expensive. But it works better than any weight loss medication I have seen in my long career in weight loss management. And the starting dose equates to around £6 a day - not that high a price to improve your long term health.

The price for the starter dose pen is £210 which includes 4 doses (one a week) to last you a month. The price includes delivery from an approved pharmacy with specialist cold-chain delivery to your door, to ensure your medication is safe and as effective as possible.

The price of of medication remains the same until month 4 and month 5 when the dose strength is much higher and the cost rises to £260 (month 4) and £310 (month 5) which includes cost of review assessment, delivery and issuing of repeat prescription. However, with specialist help from Dr Sally Norton you can ensure you obtain maximal results with the lowest dose strength and duration possible, to keep the costs down and make them last longterm.

That depends. Most people use it for a few months but Dr Sally will discuss your goals and how best to achieve them with the lowest dose and shortest duration of medication. And how to ensure that weight is less likely to be regained when you stop using it.

No. Dr Sally will review your progress monthly at no added cost, and, unless there are any issues that need addressing, she will recommend which dose you need to purchase and then issue a repeat prescription from an approved pharmacy free of charge.

You can also choose to request a prescription to be issued to a pharmacy of your choice where you can purchase and collect your Wegovy pen. This prescription service is an added charge to cover costs.

No, if you choose home delivery from our approved pharmacy, delivery charges to your door are included in the cost of the medication.

You can also choose to request a prescription to be issued to a pharmacy of your choice where you can purchase and collect your Wegovy pen. This prescription service is an added charge to cover costs,

There are certain eligibility criteria for Wegovy which have been set by national and international health bodies based on research. These are to ensure safety and optimise the usefulness of this medication. Dr Sally will ensure you fulfil these criteria so that you can achieve the best results possible. Providers who do not ensure these criteria are met are operating outside medical regulations, are not concerned about your safety or longterm results and should be viewed with extreme caution.


Please note that medication can only be purchased after a medical consultation where you will be thoroughly assessed for your suitability for this precription-only medication. Once you have been given all the information to make a safe and informed choice, you will be asked to sign a consent form before confirming that you wish to purchase a course of medication.

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I couldn't believe how hard it was to let go of the control and let my body take over. But now it's brilliant and I can get on with my life again.

Kate R-J

It took me a while as life just kept getting in the way, but I finally took your advice and made myself the priority. I've now truly ditched dieting and actually started to lose weight. I feel healthier too!

Mac J

I won't pretend it was easy. It took me a year but I jast kept going over and over the course and now it's second nature. I didn't think I'd ever get there - but I think I have!!

Paula M

Thanks so much. I was sceptical at first but this has changed my life.

Clare P