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In years of medical practice as a weight-loss surgeon, I had never found a drug that worked to aid in healthy weight loss....until now!

Latest research has conviced me that a weight loss injection called Saxenda is good for weight loss, and has extra health benefits too. Even better, it works in harmony with the principles I share in my online Weight Loss for Life Programme.

If you are eligible, it may be worth considering as studies show that the weight loss can be better than with any other non-surgical treatment.

Weight loss medication can only be prescibed after a medical consultation to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your use. Book an appointment so I can assess your needs and give you the right tools for healthier weight loss.


Based on natural hormones to help your weightloss , whilst also helping your health. Requires certain eligibility standards to be met. Book a consultation to discuss your eligibility and find out whether it can benefit you.


Weight loss medication can occasionally have side effects and it is important you are fully aware of the risks and benefits to ensure you get maximal weight loss, safely. A proper consultation, online or in person, is required to provide you with the highest standard of care and to meet Care Quality Commission regulations.

Saxenda, also known as Liraglutide, is a type of drug called a GLP-1 agonist.

GLP-1 is a chemical or hormone, naturally produced by the lining of our intestine, that interacts with our brain and other organs to reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness. However, GLP-1 is broken down within minutes after it is released. Liraglutide is a synthetic version of GLP-1 (97% the same) that lasts over 13 hours and so can be taken once a day and still have effects.

GLP-1 agonists were originally used to treat diabetes. But weight loss was found to be a very useful side-effect and they are now approved for weight-loss use in their own right – leading to its nick-name of the Skinny Pen.

We’re not completely sure as the body is so complex. But it is likely down to its effect on controlling blood sugar and therefore insulin – something that can be out of balance in many people with weight problems. It helps you feel full and reduces your appetite by acting on various organs including the brain.

No, it needs to be prescribed by a medical practitioner or similar. Not everyone is suitable for Saxenda so safety checks need to be made. Some online services will simply prescribe with no checks on the information you provide. Dr Sally Norton is always careful that treatment is appropriate for your safety.

To be eligible for Saxenda you need to have a BMI of 30 or above. Or a BMI of 27 or above in association with an obesity-related co-morbidity.

Check your BMI here.

Saxenda® is a once-daily, self-injectable medicine that comes in a prefilled pen. You can perform the injections yourself at any regular time of day that is convenient for you. The injection is performed using a tiny needle, just under the skin (this is called a subcutaneous injection) in your stomach area (abdomen), upper leg (thigh), or upper arm as instructed by your health
care provider. The needle is so tiny that you barely even feel it.

The needle is tiny – you will barely feel it. Having plucked up the courage to do it once, you will wonder what you were worried about! You can get others to do the injection for you if they have watched the instruction video.

You should not re-use needles or share your pen with others as that risks infection.

If you have missed your dose, you can still take it if it is under 12 hours from when you would usually take it. Otherwise, just skip it and take it as normal when you would normally have your dose. Don’t increase your next dose to make up for it – take the same dose as usual.



I didn't tell my friends that I was using the injections at first - it felt a bit like cheating. But then I had to come clean - and now they want to try it too!

Sara H

I can honestly say that I have had no trouble at all with the injections. I was nervous at first but they are so easy to do and I have lost a stone in 6 weeks!

Jo K

I like that these injections are just the same, pretty much, as the body's natural hormones and can help my health as well as my weight. They aren't some quick fix drug that could be bad for you.


These skinny pens aren't cheap, but I figure that I deserve to spend some money on my health and weight after years of looking after everyone else! This is the start of my new life!

Penny D

I felt a little bit sick initially, but I am now fine and much better able to control my appetite. It's a new start!

Katy J