CONSULTATIONS - The Weightloss Doctor


Need help but aren't sure where to start? Interested in weightloss drugs? Confused by conflicting information and want to know what really works for weightloss? Contact me and let's chat.


All of my consultations are conducted online to allow women all over the country and abroad to access my services and to make it easier to help outside normal hours. My appointment slots get booked up quickly but I do release additional slots periodically, wherever I can so please check back or contact us if you are struggling to get an appointment.

The inital consultation is in depth and will usually last around 45 minutes, depending on your needs. You will be sent a questionnaire forst to ensure we can use our time to the full. Follow up consultations last around 30 minutes, depending on your needs.

It depends! You may want a general discussion about your weight loss journey and where you could be going wrong. Or you may want to discuss your eligibility for weight loss medication such as Wegovy or Saxenda. You may want to see if my online programme can be of help to you. Or you may simply want answers to a few burning weight loss questions. Make sure you come prepared!

Simply choose what sort of appointment you need and find a time that works for you. Once you have paid for the appointment you will be sent a confirmation email including a link to any questionnaire that is relevant and a zoom link.



I’ve stopped trying to be 100% perfect in everything I do in life in general, including work and sometimes I only make a small change to something each day but I no longer see that as a failure. Slowly and steadily my life is changing for the better! Thank you!


I think the big thing is I have stopped beating myself up about my shape and if i have ‘mistakes’ in my diet.

I have lots of things I am doing well (protein is up, snacking is down, self esteem is up, carbs are down) some I need to improve (reducing wine and increasing exercise), but I have the right tools now!

Jenny R

The course was and is HUGELY helpful, being aware that there are no quick fixes. To understand and be aware of choices backed up by facts really helps. I am now equipped with the right information so when it’s just me I know I will be doing things right. Thank you - really loved the course - spot on. Thank you again for educating me.


You are a professional and understand the topic from a medical point of view (and that is a massive plus point), clever, a similar age, with an understanding of the life that women my age are leading and all the pressures that brings and I liked that - I don’twant a 20 year old in  gym telling me how to eat!

Fiona W