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Wegovy Consultation

Coming soon! This new, once-weekly weight loss injection can help your weight loss efforts when used responsibly alongside changes to your eating, activity and lifestyle.

It's not suitable for everyone and needs to be prescribed by a medical professional after a thorough consultation which includes a full assessment of your struggles with weight management. 

For a full and thorough consultation with Dr Sally Norton or her team please book an assessment now. If you are suitable for medication, you can place a pre-order and receive your prescription as soon as it is available. Alternative medication such as Saxenda is available until then and you will be transitioned to Wegovy if required.

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It was great to learn all the things that I thought I was doing right, but were actually making weight-loss harder. I now know where I am going worng. Thanks!

Jackie J

I thought I knew all there was to know about healthy eating. How did I get it so wrong?! At least I can enjoy eating again without all that horrible diet food!


You made it sound so simple - I just need to trust my body to do what it was designed to do! Why did I think I could force it into doing something different? It's so nice not fighting with my weight anymore.

Paula J-M

I was so tired of feeling like a failure. You have given me my self-esteem back as I now know that my diet failures weren't my fault. Thank you so much!

Gayle P

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