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Apply now to join my online bespoke coaching programme and make weight loss easier longterm


As an NHS consultant surgeon for many years, with extensive expertise in weight loss and gut health, I've helped thousands of people who struggle with their weight and I know how hard it is.

Learn how to make weight loss easier again

My online specialist coaching programme is designed to help you make weight loss easier again, with or without optional medication where appropriate. If you are committed to losing weight once and for all, and keeping it off for life, this bespoke coaching programme could be the answer.

This isn't for you if you just want a quick fix


Let's face it - the quick fixes never last, as we know. This is for women who are committed to changing their lives...but just need the support and confidence from an expert to do it right.

What we offer...

16 Weeks

Four months of weekly sessions will help you regain control of your weight and learn how to keep it that way.

Healthy Changes

All the weight loss tools you acquire will give you health benefits too, so that you can improve health as well as weight.

Expert Support

Dr Sally Norton and her team will support you throughout the programme to help you fulfil your goals.


Science-backed small changes will help re-set your natural weight loss mechanisms so your body can work as it should.

No Time Limit

Take your time - this is for life. Your course is available for you to re-visit when you want, helping you to ingrain changes.

Live FAQs

Regular live FAQs with Dr Sally Norton will explain how to incorporate changes into your life to make them sustainable.

Nutritional guide

A nutritional guide with tasks and challenges that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Join our anonymised group of other women, working towards the goals, for further support and to share their journey.


An online workbook, accessible 24/7 with weekly tasks, support and challenges that will help you reach your goals.


A free assessment and info from Dr Sally Norton can determine your suitability for weight loss medication if needed.

Access To Our App

The exclusive Weightloss Doctor app allows easy access to your modules, support and prescriptions.

Exercise Guidance

Exercise ideas and tips, to easily integrate into your daily life and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Ongoing support

At the end of your course, you will be invited to join our graduate group for ongoing support from Dr Sally Norton


Blogs and live updates on the latest research and science-backed ways to help lose and keep weight off.


It may not happen overnight (your weight gain didn't either!) but keep the faith and weight loss will get easier.

1:1 Consultation with Dr Sally Norton

Online assessment exploring your health and weight loss issues and goals

45-minute 1:1 consultation with Dr Sally Norton

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16 week weight loss coaching course

A four-month weight loss programme with science-backed information and weekly sessions that will help you regain control of your weight and learn how to keep it that way.

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16 week weight loss course + medication

A four-month weight loss programme with science-backed information and weekly sessions

+ Four months of weight loss medication

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Extremely enlightening, nothing like anything I’ve ever done before (e.g Weight Watchers). You are a professional and understand the topic from a medical point of view (and that is a massive plus point), clever, a similar age, with an understanding of the life that women my age are leading and all the pressures that brings. I liked that - I don’t want a 20 year old in gym telling me how to eat.

Fiona W

I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders – I was no longer on a diet! It also confirmed the right way for me as there’s so many different diets and fads out there you never know what to believe.

Lisa L

I’m still enjoying benefits of the healthy way of eating - most of my clothes are too big now it's brilliant!

Sandra B

No more obsessing with diets. No longer constantly thinking
about food and when I can next eat! No more weighing myself, which often led me to feel depressed! Thank you!

Lisa K

Feel that I have the understanding and tools to finally achieve it this time – although it’s going to be a very long journey but more sustainable as it’s a lifestyle change rather than a short-term diet

Tracy S

Intelligent weight loss

If you want to make weight loss easier again, it's time to use a new approach, based on science, not fads.

Four months of expert guidance

For 16 weeks you, and a select group of like-minded women, will have weekly online support from me to give you the opportunity to access medical expertise in weight loss, and the associated health issues.

Medication Assessment

Optional free assessment for medication to use alongside programme can explain how to boost your weight loss efforts with medication if you are suitable, and how to use it best whilst you ingrain the lifelong weight control methods.

Stop fighting your body

You won't win! Instead, we will explore the science behind easier weight loss and ensure you have the support and advice to implement the changes in your own life that make long-term weight control possible, without a constant battle.

THE VALUE OF Weight loss medication

When clinically appropriate, medication can give a useful initial boost to some people. New medication like Saxenda and Wegovy (coming soon) can help healthy weight loss efforts. An optional free assessment for medication is included in the programme and together we can decide the value of this additional tool to help you get back on track.


16 weeks of online coaching from Dr Sally Norton via live sessions, videos, tasks and more. A workbook is provided for you to complete as you work through the programme and the tasks and challenges that Dr Sally Norton will provide.

Two months free subscription to the Weight Loss For Life graduate group is provided.

The coaching programme provides weekly sessions with me for 4 months. But you will then be invited to join my graduate group for free for a further 2 months and thereafter at a minimal monthly cost of £7.99 providing ongoing access to content as well as regular updates and motivational live sessions from me and other experts.

I can teach you the tools and science - all you need to do is ingrain them into your life to make healthy weight loss happen.

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The programme is

Once I have reviewed your form I will reply with an indication of costs, which may vary depending on medication requirements. But the coaching course with weekly expert support from me will cost less than the price of a coffee per day.

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1:1 Health, weight +/- medication assessment with Dr Sally Norton

Online assessment exploring your health and weight loss issues and goals 45-minute 1:1 consultation with Dr Sally Norton, conducted via zoom

Healthy weight loss recommendations personalised to suit your needs Suitability for Saxenda, Wegovy or other weight loss medication, plus prescription, if appropriate Latest medical advice on other weight loss tools, including the pros and cons of surgery, if appropriate.