Dr Sally Norton

"Willpower is over-rated as a weight-loss tool. It fails when you're tired, stressed and hungry. Instead, the secret of long-term, healthy weight control is working with your body's natural mechanisms.

As a UK-based medical doctor and weight-loss consultant for over 20 years, I have listened to thousands of people who have struggled with their weight. I know that diets don't work for most people and that we are frequently confused by conflicting advice in the media and from supposed 'weight-loss experts'.

And then the peri-menopause adds extra challenges due to the roller-coaster of hormonal changes. I am passionate about helping women change their lifestyle in science-backed ways that will help them lose weight and improve health...without being trapped in the cycle of yo-yo dieting and the despair that goes with it."


weight loss shouldn't have to be that hard!

I have developed a science-based weight loss programme, which can work alongside medication, for those that are eligible, to help you make long-term weight control easier again.

I also provide free advice via blogs and social media, as well as in national and international press. ​