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Home blood pressure monitor

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High blood pressure can go hand-in-hand wth weight-gain for some people. It's the silent killer - many of us aren't aware of high blood pressure until it causes problems such as heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia and more. But knowing your blood pressure can motivate you to tackle your weight and improve your health. 

Omron is a reliable brand for home-testing. Whilst you can get free checks at pharmacies and doctors' surgeries you can avoid the stress and anxiety (that can raise blood pressure too!) with home testing.



I couldn't believe how hard it was to let go of the control and let my body take over. But now it's brilliant and I can get on with my life again.

Kate R-J

It took me a while as life just kept getting in the way, but I finally took your advice and made myself the priority. I've now truly ditched dieting and actually started to lose weight. I feel healthier too!

Mac J

I won't pretend it was easy. It took me a year but I jast kept going over and over the course and now it's second nature. I didn't think I'd ever get there - but I think I have!!

Paula M

Thanks so much. I was sceptical at first but this has changed my life.

Clare P