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After years of experience as a weight-loss surgeon I have spoken to thousands of patients who have failed to keep their weight under control. Nearly all of them have been on countless diets that don't work. Nearly all of them have tried every fad under the sun with no success.

They are confused by all the conflicting information, lured into thinking there is a quick fix for weight loss and fall prey to every new 'wonder-diet' or 'super-pill' out there.


If this sounds like you too, you're not alone. With two-thirds of us overweight or obese, despite decades of paying into the diet industry, we're either all doing something wrong or we need to find a new approach that WORKS...


After years of listening to people who have failed to control their weight, I decided to start researching the science behind what does really work for healthy, long-term weight loss. The good news is - it's not rocket science. It also doesn't rely on willpower, which is doomed to failure. It doesn't mean living your life controlled by food and despairing about your weight.


And it's not about setting yourself off on a plan that just cuts what you eat and sends you to the gym. That will last a week or two at most.

It's about looking at all aspects of your life, that you may not realise are having an impact on your's not just about what you eat or how much you move! It's then about tweaking those small things to make them into healthier habits that you can keep up for good and make weight-control much easier.


I offer a 12 week 'weightloss for life' programme that does just gives you the support, clarity, advice and motivation to embed those changes for good.

I will help you look at all aspects of your life to find the key areas you can change to help you regain control over your eating and weight. I will give you the tools to make those changes to keep the weight off for good - and to start living your life again!

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