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Weight Loss for Life Course

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My current weight loss course is being upgraded! If you don't want to wait, the original course is currently available at a discounted price, but you will be provided with free access to my updated programme, when available. 

I provide all the tools and information you need for healthy, longterm weight loss. Based on science not fads.

You will receive a link to access the course after purchase.



It was great to learn all the things that I thought I was doing right, but were actually making weight-loss harder. I now know where I am going worng. Thanks!

Jackie J

I thought I knew all there was to know about healthy eating. How did I get it so wrong?! At least I can enjoy eating again without all that horrible diet food!


You made it sound so simple - I just need to trust my body to do what it was designed to do! Why did I think I could force it into doing something different? It's so nice not fighting with my weight anymore.

Paula J-M

I was so tired of feeling like a failure. You have given me my self-esteem back as I now know that my diet failures weren't my fault. Thank you so much!

Gayle P

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