• Dr Sally Norton


It’s so tempting, after the excesses of Christmas, to think that we need to take drastic action to salvage the situation. Feeling virtuous, we set ourselves a New Year’s resolution that we simply can’t achieve. Within a week or so, our overly restrictive diet is leaving us miserable and hungry and we soon give up.

It’s much better, instead, to think small.

Choose a small but achievable resolution – like cutting out sugar in tea. Once you have nailed this you can give yourself a pat on the back and will feel empowered to take it a step further. Before you know it you will have ditched sugar in coffee too, won’t need it on cereal, will have binned sugary canned drinks and be looking at where you can cut back next! Feeling better and better, with your sweet tooth becoming a thing of the past you will notice the weight starting to shift, no more energy slumps and better sleep…..and then it’s onwards and upwards. That’s a lot better than feeling like an abject failure when your unrealistic New Year’s resolution fails after a week!

It doesn’t have to be sugar, of course, the same principle applies to moving more, sleeping better, hitting the fruit and veg goals and much more.

So, don't set yourself up for failure this New Year. Instead, think small to achieve more!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash