• Dr Sally Norton


Just letting you know that my next Weight Loss for Life programme starts on Monday 6th May - and it will be the last one for a while as summer holidays have a habit of getting in the way! If you want help in changing your mindset about weight loss, to learn how to return control back to your body and re-set your natural mechanisms so you don't have to fight it any more, then please join us!

Not only does this programme help easier, long-lasting weight-loss, it will improve health, reduce stress, manage hormonal imbalances and more! My Weight Loss for Life programme is all online, run through a closed Facebook group. I only take on a few, like-minded women at a time so I can be there for questions, support and more over the whole 12 weeks. I can show you my science-based approach to help you finally lose the weight and keep it off for good. Together we can deal with the low mood, brain-fog, headaches and many other things that often go alongside poor weight control and hormonal imbalance associated with the perimenopause, PCOS or otherwise. The timings aren't fixed - you can access the material for the week whenever it suits you. I know everyone is busy! If you want to join my next masterclass in weight loss for life then just click HERE to sign up for my next programme starting on Monday 6th May. By the time summer comes you'll be slimmer, healthier and well on the way to regaining control of your weight - without the misery of constant dieting! Do join us!