• Dr Sally Norton


Being a weight-loss specialist doesn’t come with a free pass to effortless weight control. Believe me, I have to put a bit of work in too!

But with limited time I have to do it as efficiently as possible. I bet it’s the same for most of you.

So, this was my 30 minute weight control boost today….

I managed to make time for a run, well….more like a slow jog really. And, in case you are groaning and thinking you could never do that, a brisk walk would have had pretty much the same benefits.

But let me tell you what that 30 minutes really did – you may be surprised…

  1. It burned a few calories. No surprise there. But only around 300 odd. Maybe the same as a muffin. Not much more. And that can be a bit disheartening. That’s why some people say that exercise isn’t a great way to lose weight. But they are wrong. Because it adds up if you keep it going. And exercise does a lot more besides.

  2. It boosted my self-efficacy and self-esteem. I really, really didn’t want to go out. It was cold and wet. But I gritted my teeth and went. And felt bloody proud of myself that I had. And that made me feel I could achieve more and set me up in a positive frame of mind for the rest of the day.

  3. The cold and wet weather was off-putting but when I actually got out there it helped to boost my energy-burning brown fat.

  4. The exercise built a little bit more muscle which also helps me burn more calories, even when I am sitting still later on.

  5. I got a drug hit from the endorphins released during exercise...and that felt good! Plus, I bumped into a few friends along the way...and being sociable is another way to boost feel-good hormones and help weight -loss.

  6. I got a little bit of vitamin D thanks to the sun breaking through...and we are all a bit low on that essential vitamin in winter.

  7. A bit of fresh air and the opportunity for blue-sky thinking cleared my head and helped me by getting my priorities in order. So was less stressed and had fewer cravings for sugary snacks later, as a result.

  8. It wore me out in a good way..meaning I will sleep better tonight. And sleeping well is the easiest way to help weight loss in my view!

Adds up to a whole lot more than just burning a few calories at the time, then!

All those weight-loss boosting effects in just 30 minutes will be enough to keep me going all day!