1:1 Consultation with
Dr Sally Norton

1:1 Health, weight +/- medication assessment with Dr Sally Norton

1:1 Health, weight +/- medication assessment with Dr Sally Norton

A 1:1 medical consultation with Dr Sally Norton to discuss your personal weight loss journey, issues and goals, giving you the advice you need from a weight loss expert.

  • Online assessment exploring your health and weight loss issues and goals
  • 45-minute 1:1 consultation with Dr Sally Norton, conducted via zoom
  • Healthy weight loss recommendations personalised to suit your needs
  • Suitability for Saxenda, Wegovy or other weight loss medication, plus prescription, if appropriate
  • Latest medical advice on other weight loss tools, including pros and cons of surgery, if appropriate

With many weight loss medications available, Dr Sally Norton will undertake a personal assessment of your suitability and the potential benefits of using weight loss medications for you. Choosing a medication to treat weight loss or obesity needs to be a decision between you and a weight loss professional. There are multiple important factors to consider including. 

  • The likely benefits of weight loss 
  • The medication's possible side effects
  • Your current health issues and other medications
  • Your family's medical history

Dr Sally Norton will ensure whether weight loss medication is the right decision for you and your body, and provide you with all the medical facts of taking it.

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