I have been an NHS consultant gastrointestinal surgeon for over 18 years. Whilst this gives me huge satisfaction as well as pride in our health service, I am frustrated by the failure to tackle many health and weight issues before medical intervention is needed.

Our NHS is struggling under the burden of so many diseases such as type 2 diabetes and various cancers that could be prevented if only we could get the right advice, support and motivation to change our lifestyle. And it saddens me to see so many people suffering with weight and other issues that could be solved by changing the way they eat, drink, sleep and more.


The terrible coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the extra risk that obesity, high blood pressure and other related problems can add for people already suffering with infections


So, whilst I continue with my NHS work, I also strive to help and advise people to help themselves wherever they can.

  • Doctor of Medicine with over 30 years experience

  • NHS consultant for 18 years

  • First female weight-loss surgeon in UK

  • Higher degree in medical research