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My online Weight Loss for Life Course is based on science, not fads. Over 16 weeks I will take you through all I have learnt in over 20 years of weight loss medicine to help you control your weight more easily and healthily, for life.


Currently running at 12 weeks, but in the process of being upgraded to 16 weeks, to better work alongside the weightloss medication. If you purchase the 12 week course, you will be given a free upgrade to the improved course, coming soon.

It's all online. Every week you will have access to the next module which provides in-depth scienctific explanations and practical tips to help you incorporate evidence-based changes into your life.

Videos, check-lists, quizzes and more will help explain why your weight loss hasn't worked so far and what you can do differently.

I provide guidance but not a rigid eating plan as everyone's likes, dislikes and needs are different. Plus, if you fail to stick to a rigid plan, as most people do, then you feel a failure...again. I don't want to perpetuate that dieting mentality - it's destuctive. Instead, I teach you the rationale behind the right eating choices so that you can learn what works for you and your life. That is more helpful for life-long success!

No! I will explain why exercise is over-rated when it comes to weight loss, as it takes a lot of exercise to burn the calories in a sugary snack! Instead, I'll explain why exercise is useful in various other ways and how best to keep active to help, rather than hinder, weight loss.

My Weight Loss for Life course works on the premise that your body is more than capable of controlling your weight for you - if only you would let it! I'll show you the small but important ways that you can re-set those complex in-built mechanisms, that have been destroyed by years of dieting and lifestyle factors. Restore that balance and you will make weight loss more automatic again.

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Well I can honestly say I have
tried every diet going and thought I knew it all, but this is so helpful in
understanding my body and gut.

Jo C

It helped me understand that as I get older my hormones play a big part in my weight gain and also my sweet tooth. It showed me that the insulin spikes make my weight loss harder.

Mickey B

I feel that I have the understanding and tools to finally achieve it this time – although it’s going to be a very long journey but more sustainable as it’s a lifestyle change rather than a short-term diet.

Tracy S

I was expecting a full meal plan - but actually understanding the science behind food choices is more helpful as you can then plan the meals that work for you and your family.

Jane F-D