As a UK-based medical doctor and weight-loss consultant for over 17 years I have listened to thousands of people who have struggled with their weight. I know that diets don't work for most people, that willpower fails all too often and that we are frequently confused by conflicting advice in the media and from supposed 'weight-loss experts'.

So, as well as my NHS practice dealing with upper gastrointestinal disease, I am passionate about helping people change their lifestyle in science-backed ways that will help them lose weight and improve health...without being trapped in the cycle of yo-yo dieting and the despair that goes with it.

I provide free advice via blogs and social media as well as in national and international press. But I know that one-to-one or small group support is often needed to change a lifetime of habits - so I provide a coaching service too.

  • Doctor of Medicine with over 25 years experience

  • NHS consultant for 18 years

  • First female weight-loss surgeon in UK

  • Higher degree in medical research